More Photographs (A Continuum)

  • This Is A Photograph II
  • Triumph
  • Bittersweet, Tennessee
  • Going To Prom
  • Lion Tamer
  • A Song For Katie
  • Five Easy Pieces Revisited
  • Mickey Mantle's Autograph
  • Kingdom Of Broken Hearts

Music From Montana Story

  • Main Theme
  • Exchange Of Keys
  • Darkness Of Night
  • Main Theme Variation
  • One Paper Kid
  • Final Exchange
  • Copperhead
  • Joey's Theme
  • Mando RTheme
  • Darkness Of Night Variation
  • Locked Out
  • Dance With Me Child
  • Like A Flower

This Is A Photograph

  • Intro
  • This Is A Photograph
  • A Random Act Of Kindness
  • Bittersweet, TN
  • Disappearing
  • A Coat Of Butterflies
  • Rock Bottom
  • Forever Inside A Picture
  • Five Easy Pieces
  • Stop Before I Cry
  • It’s Over
  • Goodbye To Good Times



2. Brother, Sister
3. Sundowner
4. Campfire
5. Wander
6. Don’t Underestimate Midwest American Sun
7. A Night At The Little Los Angeles
8. Jamie
9. Velvet Highway
10. Provisions


Track List:
A1 Oh My God
A2 No Halo
A3 Nothing Sacred / All Things Wild
A4 OMG Rock n Roll
B1 Seven Devils
B2 Hail Mary
B3 Piss River
C1 Savannah
C2 Storm (Beneath the Weather)
C3 Congratulations
C4 I Want to Be Clean
D1 Sing a Glad Song
D2 Ballad of Faye
D3 O Behold

City Music

Track List:
A1 Come To Me Now
A2 Crybaby
A3 1234
A4 Aboard My Train
A5 Dry Your Eyes
A6 City Music
B1 Tin Can
B2 Caught In My Eye (The Germs)
B3 Night Time
B4 Pearly Gates
B5 Downtown's Lights

Singing Saw

Track List:
A1 Cut Me Down
A2 I Have Been To The Mountain
A3 Singing Saw
A4 Drunk And On A Star
A5 Dorothy
B1 Ferris Wheel
B2 Destroyer
B3 Black Flowers
B4 Water

Still Life

Track List:
A1 The Jester, The Tramp & The Acrobat
A2 The Ballad Of Arlo Jones
A3 Motors Running
A4 All Of My Life
A5 Drowning
B1 Bloodsucker
B2 Parade
B3 Dancer
B4 Amen
B5 Our Moon

Harlem River

Track List:
A1 Miles, Miles, Miles
A2 Wild Side (O, The Places You'll Go)
A3 Harlem River
B1 If You Leave, And If You Marry
B2 Slow Train
B3 Reign
B4 Sucker In The Void
B5 The Dead They Don't Come Back